Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Church Helps

Here is an idea that I saw a long time ago and did actually do this for my kids so I wanted to put this up again to get me going on putting more file folder games in the binders I already have, since my kids have gotten older and some of the games are kinda beat up. This keeps them quiet during sacrament meeting, actually you still kind of hear velcro as they play, but hey that's alot better than talking, giggling, moving around, hitting, tickling.....well my kids are NOT perfect, I am sure mine are the ones keeping OTHER kids quiet as they watch them...HAHA!


Amy said...

Um...could I just pay you to make ME a binder?! It was so fun to see your comment on my blog & then come check you guys out of here. You guys are so cute!

And please DO send me recipes for the food blog. I need more things to try!

dadleavitt said...

You are awesome! We love the Patinos!!!