Friday, July 25, 2008

My best friend...Mandi!

Okay this girl is sooo amazing to me and I just love her. She recently did her hair a totally different it's beautiful on her. I wish I could make a move like that but I am so boring! Just a little about my friend:

1. Beautiful! as you can see!

2. A great wonderful mom to 3 absolutely fabulous kiddos!

3. Has an amazing HOT rocker (plays the drums) husband!

4. Mandi can balance being a great mom and works out of her home.

5. She also is very "theatre" talented and can sing!!

6. Her parents are getting ready to go on a mission in Utah... they are great examples!

7. Mandi is amazingly great at keepin in touch with our friends from High school, if ever I need gossip she know who and what is going on with them!!

8. Is such a super sweet and caring person

9. Is soooo much FUN to be around, she has a charismatic personality that just makes you feel so good inside anytime you are around her!

10.. Mandi is so forgiving of your faults and is such a loyal friend to have, she has always been there for me when I have needed her and is so understanding of me!

I love you girl!!

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