Saturday, July 12, 2008

Colton's 9th birthday party!

Whew!... Today was my boy's Army party and I know... it looks like I spent a ton of money but really I only spent about 80 dollars on the whole thing. The clothing we already had from Halloween and because it's so trendy everyone has it. My hubby got the nets from a surplus store and he also made the most AMAZING boxes. I loved those so much I am keeping them in case I need them again! As the boys came Seargant Ray and with the help of birthday boy gave each boy a bandana, dog tags, glowstick necklace, a couple of tattoos, a bag of grenade water balloons, painted their face with army paint and a water gun (instead of treat bags). R.J. since he is the "Music Genious" had army songs playing too. When everyone got there we had them do their "foil dinner packets" which was a huge hit! Those needed to cook for 20min. so they were off to do their "Boot Camp". This my husband and son R.J. were in charge of. They came in and ate their packets and I served "Swamp Water". This was lemon lime koolaid, sprite, and lemon lime sherbet to give it that foamy swampy look. Cambrie and Sabrina did the icecubes with the plastic flies frozen in them the last couple of days to make the drink even more swampier. That was fun. When they were done eating it was off to their "Army War" which was with the grenade balloons and water guns. They came back for presents cake and ice cream. The cake I made with some ideas online. Except I couldn't figure out a way to put "Happy Birthday Colton" on the already "busy" cake until Colton said "Mom, you should put one of my jets on there with a banner that says it" I thought why didn't I think of that? I just love how creative my kids can be! When the boys were leaving Colton gave them their "Top Secret" envelope which had their certificate for completing his "Boot Camp". All in all it was sooo much fun to put together because over here it becomes a "family" thing and everyone helps out with ideas! That's all everyone thinks about before the party! It's so neat to see what everyone comes up with! But I do have to say that the best part of it all was when Colts came up to me and wrapped his arms around me and said "I have the bestest mom in the whole wide world!, Thanks mom that was the best party ever and I love you, I will do something special for you!. AHHHH what a total sweetie!


Kellee said...

Nicole, you are so awesome at all you do, you are so creative and you made this themed birthday party so incredible! Colton is very lucky to have a mom and family to spend that time getting all of it to come together as it did! I inspire to be like you! and am thankful that I can watch and learn!!!!

Thanks for having the kids over and for including Con in the party-he was in military heaven!!!

love ya


Regina said...

Nicole, what a beautiful family you have and what a fab bday party! I'm planning an army party for my soon to be six year old and love your ideas. Especially the cake! What wording did you use for your invite if you don't mind me asking?