Friday, July 11, 2008

HairDo's #1

Thought I would share some of my favorite updo's of the girl's hair. I always get asked the same question, "Did you go to Beauty school?" Uhhh...No!! I just love to play with hair, and with little girls you don't have to worry about them not liking something, mine anyhow love for me to mess with it, thank goodness! LOL!

This is just a simple curl but with a flat iron. Take small sections and start at the top of the head and slowly go down to the end of the hair. No need for product as this usually results in a sticky look. This next one I call "Cambrie's Piggies". You part the hair diagnal half way down and then part into two ponies, except don't pull all the way through on the last one. Curl the ends and tease a little. Add bows!

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