Monday, July 14, 2008

Chore Chart for the Kiddos! (For you Kel!)

Here is a chore chart that I actually did a couple of years ago. It helps to get the kids to help out around the house. The sun at the top of the chart is for when they reach the top during the month, meaning completing all their chores every week. At the end of the month they get to decide together what fun activity they want to do as a family. This is something special that we usually don't do, like camping or Skateland etc. The Mon-Sat. indicates a check when they have completed their chores and on top of the chart is a Scripture and Prayer chart as well. I don't give allowance because I feel that this is all our home and we all need to pitch in to help one another, plus it gets done alot faster! If I need something "extra" done like clean out and inside of the truck then they can earn some extra money, but this is usually done when good behavior has happened. I also switch the chores once a week. This system works really well for our family! Soon I will have to redo this and add Bella to it, but I have a couple of years!

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