Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Splat Mats and Matching Bibs

Ok so I got this done too, I was waiting for this fabric to go on sale at Joann's and it finally did! Bella is so messy when it comes to eating time that this little set comes in so handy. I could never find one that was to MY standards and so made my own, it matches my home decor....again lovin the damask pattern!

The whole set will be priced at $65...if you you want it double sided the price will be $85. I will have more of these up to choose from to give you a better selection, but remember I am just starting off on this whole business thing and I can say I am definetly feelin the love....Thanks!

I did not do mine double sided....

Her highchair is so STYLISH!!


Tanja said...

Those are the best-good stuff!

Melissa said...

You are one talented woman! Those are so ADORABLE!