Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sabrina's Violin performance!

On Thursday night Sabrina had a violin performance. It was her first one and she was so nervous. But she did an awesome job. This girl loves anything musical, singing, piano and now violin!! It's nice when you have a child who practices on her own without mom getting after her all the time!!

Afterwards Sabrina chose Olive Garden for Dinner (but I didn't take any pics)

and then on over to Krispy Kreme, our all time FAVORITE place!!
Sabrina loves their milk and swears that they have their own cows inside the place that they get their milk from...she calls it EXTRA FRESH!!
Cambrie looks like she could work there, no really doesn't she...heehee!
AAHHH watching the infamous donut creation......!
Overall it was as usual a total blast....I just LOVE hangin out with my family, they are my utmost favorite people in the whole wide world!!


gigi said...

Sounds and looks like a fun night! I've always loved haning with my family too. Good and fun memories.

Hanna Terrill said...

Sorry for bugging you.. I never got back to you on your comment about what I used on the bows. I used ribbon, TOOL ( That is the what makes the bow.. I think), and a big ole flower. I finally added some more hair do's to our site, so check them out. I have a really fun one coming soon.

I love the look of your blog, too cute!

Hanna Terrill said...

Just in case you forgot, your comment was on our piggies and Ponies blog!

Kelly Tillotson said...

hello! i saw your "no sew tutu" on tipjunkie...and i am thoroughly intrigued!! by any chance do you plan on posting a tutorial on how to make them? love your blog!

Nicole said...

I love when I stumble upon blogs I am going to love to look at in the future. Now here is the funny part.. Allie Hoopes you have her blog link in your favorites, I live in the same town as her, worked at a gas station with her one summer during high school, her dad was our stake president, and our little girls went to a music class together last year. Funny huh! How do you know her? Are you related?

Nicole Martin