Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ward Easter Egg Hunt and Usery Pass Picnic....2011

This year it was at 8 instead of 8:30.....I know you say it's only 30 min later...but seriously I NEED that extra 30 min in the morning to get up and get going...really it takes us that long just to load up everyone in the car....we always forget something! Gunnar and Bella had so much fun....Gunnar wasn't quite sure what to do...but then he got the hang of it and especially when he saw the football egg...he KNEW exactly what that was...except it made noise...funny! At Usery Pass it was fun too...especially the little hunt then also...and the crazy guy who picked up a snake and had the kids touch it!! But it was really nice out and a good time to hang with the fam and bbq and picnic...Some fun pics of us!

love the plumbers crack...ha!


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Melanie said...

love 2 c your cute family in action! They are all so beautiful, stylish, and big!