Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend..:)

This weekend was so much fun! Our weekend started on Thursday as we went to the Easter Pageant with some friends. On Sat morning we had our ward easter egg hunt...which I will post soon.....and then headed over to Usery Pass for my family get together! That was awesome:) Sunday of course we went to church and thought we probably should have taken our pics before church as ours start at 12:30.....ha but forgot...so of course everyone is all undone hair a mess...not to mention the super wind that was blowing.....I didn't put a pic of me and Ray up because in all of them my hair is blown back....WAY back that I look bald seriously and my dress is skin tight in all the areas it didn't need to be....geesh....but it was fun to get everyone all matchy and dressed up and even better when most of the stuff we already had! I will post more of our weekend and what we did to incorporate Christ in one of my favorite holidays!

I am so lucky for an amazing family!

My favorite of the girls..:)

He is sooo big...what a chum!

haha windy...!

Love my men!

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Melanie said...

I LOVE that same picture of your girls too! Your family is so beautiful. Love the purple and cheetah! Can't get enough animal print!