Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference Weekend Was The BEST!!

To begin.....this amazing yummy easy quick breakfast we have done for conference and love it especially for me because all I have to do is put it in the oven in the morning......I will post the recipe soon:)
As always, I feel soo spiritually uplifted when I can hear these great leaders speak and speak TO ME!! I truly believe that in each talk there was something that had my name on it that spoke to my heart and soul! I am soo grateful for the time that I live in that I can hear these wonderful words of inspiration and to apply them to my own family and life. I wanted to share some of the traditions that we do as a family to prepare ourselves for listening to Conference.....:) I always write in my "Conference Journal" quotes or things that I hear that I can refer back to either online or when the Ensign comes out.......I immediately put my favorites into my scriptures. My scriptures are soo fat from all the paper quotes that I have in there....but its a GOOOD These pics are not in order.....but Cambrie won our "Conference Jar"...:) I'll explain down further in my post:) It felt like Easter at our house!!! All of this I got from the dollar store....and printed of thier Conference Journal, the packet we got from out Primary:0......Don't you just love the small lil' bottle of apple cider......"Celebrate Conference"....I can always find a reason for anything I see thats fun!!
So here is our Conference Guess Jar.... During conference, each session, the kiddos get a chance or more to be super awesome so we all can hear....if they are I give them laminated guess squares that they write on with a wet erase marker the number of candy they think is in the jar.....Sabrina got the most guesses but Cambrie won....:) Also I pass out question cards for them to write a question from each session and answer on back....then for FHE which we did and it was SO MUCH FUN!.....we divide into 2 teams to see who gets the most correct questions...whoever wins serves banana splits to the other team complete with all the much more fun than being served:) and then of course BINGO.....a family favorite..
Colton's journal binder was full of things he put in thier.....He reminds me of Nephi...always the example of good :) well almost always..ha!! I put thier pages with a divider tab for each date of conference so they can keep this for thier kids.....I know I am a little "traditional Sappy"
The younger kids also did thier tent facing we talked before about King Benjamin and preparig to listen to a prophet.....sometimes I wish it was just that for real...could you imagine the journey to hike up a mountain and pitch our tents......That would be such a surreal experience to actually go camping and do that with a laptop and projection on a white sheet.......Oh the fun in that....maybe when Gunn is a little older....:) We plan before R.J goes on a mission to go to the Conference Center for Conference...that would be a treat!

My favorite quote from conference that I felt was said just for me was.." People have check of lists, but you can't check off To Be's.....Be Begets DO." ahhhhh love that.. seriously I need TO BE everything that I want to be and what I learn and what I teach instead of just checking off things...such an amazing remider to me....since I am ultra organizing at the moment...I need TO BE better in all realms of my life and spirit as a mom, daughter, sister and friend...these words I will keep close to my heart!!!


Lucky Larson's said...

you don't know me--but you have a lovely family and such a fun blog. Thanks for the great conference idea's for next time!
That was my favorite quote also! I have started my TO BE list--which is located right next to all my TO DO lists!

Positively Creative! said...

That's Awesome...THANK you for the kind words...I will have to check out your blog too..:) Have an amazing Day!!

2Hearts1Dream said...

You are such an inspiration. I don't know how you do it all. I love organizing and get such great ideas from you :) Thanks for the conference ideas. I can't wait to "celebrate conference" as well. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Melanie said...

You continue to BLOW ME AWAY! Seriously, how do you do it all?! Give this girl the mother of the year award now, there's really no point in waiting until the end of the year!