Monday, May 2, 2011

Gunnar's 1st Birthday Party...!

I cannot believe this little guy is 1 yrs old already! It seriously goes way too fast for me! I meant to have his party a little earlier but things kept happening....big things that I just couldn't do it and then Easter came! But it was a blast putting all the little details together! First it starts with your I was at the scrapbook store for 3 HOURS!!!! When I figured that out then getting the fabric and others to match was super easy! I always buy more than I need in case I need more and I get there and they are out! Worst thing ever for that to happen and it did once for non other than Girls Camp!

Anyhow...these pics are not in random order so bare with me!:)

This was his invitation....some of those balls are fabric only because I could not find paper to match....I think its stinkn cute!

Here is his Birthday it and this was easy to make!

His Adorable hat that HE WOULD NOT WEAR!! Owell it was fun to make:)

opening his gifts:)

Me with my sweet birthday boy:)Love him sooo much!

He was not quite sure about this cake..ha!

The cupcakes and cake that my friend made for me...I added the pendant toothpicks:)

The banner hanging up...and yes I sewed those little circles together....but surprisingly this took like 10 min......seriously easy and oh so cute! I also added th White ball trim!

Gunnar's candy store....found all of this at walmart...complete with the little metal scoopers....crazy!

Seriously need a new camera!.....but I love how this all came together...AND I love my Posterboard of my lil man........super cute!

Yes...those are pickle jars glued to a candle stick stand. Sabrina painted the tops white and then we added candy:)

This pic is not good at all.....but if you can see I redid his highchair pad.....added the pendant banner around it.......I think thats the only time anyone saw the birthday hat....ha!

Balls outside everywhere!

His timeline...I still have this up in my house I don't want to take it down!

This was by the front door......:)

Gotta have the tissue balls:) Love the Houndstooth ones:)

His candy bag:)

I love throwing parties.......and most importantly to show my kids how much they are loved and mean to thier family. Sure the details don't matter....but I love to put it together and its bonding time for me and my girls especially:0) All of this will go in his 1yr scrapbox so he will have it later and I hope my kids enjoy that!


Melanie said...

I LOVE all your cute party details. I always love a good party! I love it all. So sorry our trip meant that we missed it! I wish that I could have been there. I loved the announcement and Gunnar's picture on the back was SO stinkin' cute! Miss you girl! We need to get together!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Wow, it all looks so fantastic!!