Monday, March 28, 2011

I swear its gotta be SPRING FeVeR!!!!!

One of my favorite times of the year is coming up...this weekend is General Conference...and I love to do our traditional favorites and adding new ones that I saw from years before!! There are soo many talented created woman out there that I love it when I have an idea and its put together already and BEST of all......SUPER CUTE!!! Cuts my time in half!! Anyhow I wish I could have a name for the blog I found this on....I only saved the actual link and she has no name on there if I come across it now that I am slowly adding blogging to my life again:) I will give credit where credit is due! This is a Conferance Jar....inside are 4 stacks of question slips laminated, and a overhead projector pen (expo va voz). Each stack is color coded for each session of conference (4). Each session each member of the family will get a card to write down thier question and then they put that card back into the jar. Next FHE get the jar out and divide family into two teams, go through questions and whichever team gets the most answers correct gets to serve the OTHER team Ice Cream Sundaes complete with all toppings!! How fun is that!!
Made one for my VT sisters and my family........FUN!!

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2Hearts1Dream said...

Such a way fun idea. I love your visiting teaching ideas as well :)