Friday, May 22, 2009

Kid's end of the year...part 2

These are pics from the kids' elementary school....when R.J. and I got there to Cambrie's class, Miss Mead and Cambrie were just bawling and then came all the other kids crying...I felt so bad but love that they just love eachother...we were able to go to Miss Mead's baptism earlier in the year and so they are just really close....I like that! I have to say that this school I love...the teachers and the principal are the best and you know they just love all the kids, I feel really blessed for that! Hooray for Summer...! I am excited to have the kids home with me....!
Sabrina and her teacher, Mrs. Daniels
Cambrie and neighbor/friend Cross...
Sabrina and her 1st/2nd grade teacher that she loves....

Mrs. Weaver thier principal...she is super sweet!

Miss Mead and Cambrie (they are not crying...!)

Colton and his 4th grade teacher Miss Spomer...

Sabrina and best bud Auilana

Hanne, Sabrina Rayne, Payton and Ali

Samantha, Cambrie and Peyton...aahhh

The ballbabies.....aahhh

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