Monday, May 2, 2011

Pics of Gunnar and Bella:)

I wanted Pictures of Gunnar for his birthday so I could have them up and decided to add Bells in there.....My friend Jen Jacobs is a great photographer with a great price and love her work! can reach her at is amazing and fun! I love how these turned out.
Sweet Face!

I have this huge in my front room on a floor standup it!

Pretty Bells:)

This was a Matilda Jane outfit....soo cute!

This one I absolutely love...she does this to him all the time:)

These two kids of mine are the most funnest sweet ever! Well all my kids are but just something about having "older" kids than having two smaller ones! Sure you can't go to the scrapbook store or grocery shopping while the others are at school....or WORK OUT at the gym because you are too worried about the 17 yr old watching a million bratty mean kids and you walk in and yours are crying in the corner........but hey I wouldn't change it for the world....and besides I can go when my others GET HOME...ha! Life is Fun and being a mom makes it even BETTER!


Melanie said...

Such gorgeous children you have! I love all the pictures. Little Bells is so beautiful. Gunner looks like such a little charmer too. I need to see these cute kids of yours in person! We have got to get together soon!

KENNY said...

You have a great blog and beautiful children! I'm new at this so hope my site can become half as good as yours! Best wishes from Australia.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Kdskids said...

Hi! your little ones are precious! love your blog and all the creative ideas!!! I found you by searching for a babysitting kit for my daughter. I was hoping to get a link or pay for the kit if it is available. Thanks so much...Kathryn