Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kids First Day of School 2010

Here are some pics of the kids and thier first day of school....With 6 kids I feel like I never get anything done....but when I look at my blog I can see that I do!!  Anyhow here is sweet Bells starting Pre K for the second yr...she has really improved on her speech:)

Pretty Cams

Pretty Bree
Handsome Colts

Stunning Rj...yes I have a 17yr old with his own truck! Actually this was his 16th present I never blogged about...but this truck is identical to Hubs high school truck that he used to take me out on for dates...its crazy all these yrs have flown by...:( SO you can imagine the Hubs excitement when he found this baby for sale! I think Hubs drove it more than the boy..ha!

Bells gets to ride this lil' school bus every morning.  At first I was a little scared..but the two lady busdrivers are seriously the sweetest people and so caring and so fun...I have gotten to know them pretty well! My kiddos don't do the bus thing...but this age there is no bullying and all the bad stuff..just the fun cute 7 kids singing songs almost like my memories of going to girls

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