Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Craft Post...

Ok so I thought I would post on some crafts I HAVE accomplished!! That is probably why I am such a bad BAD blogger..I'd rather craft when I do have the time....These are my curtains in my room...this room let me tell the worse thing in my house!  I hate my room....but I am slowly getting it together sorta like these curtains..which are not even what in my mind will be when fully done...I just added the burlap ruffles to them on the I said...I AM NOT DONE WITH THESE!  Ongoing craft on this one....

I painted chalkboard on some of my fun

Made my own laundry and dishwashing detergent...and LOVE it!! I added extra things to mine and maybe will post this seperately with a recipe...(don't hold me to it folks)

Aww these are my primary kid's BOM church bag! SUPER CUTE and easy! yes I got released from YW presidency and called to teach 4-5 yr olds...major difference...but I loved YW but something with these kids get me every time!..I love teaching primary one of my favorite callings!
Pretty Bells showing off these super cute leggings I added lace trim too...I know super easy...but I got these "arm" warmers at Styles For Less for my creativity perked up..she gets complimented every time she wears them....and I quietly grin:)

Ok so my new favorite place is Merchant Square! If you haven't gone you need too!! My mom has a booth there so I will go with her now and then and just browse is a "makeover queen"'s dream home! Seriously! They have vintage and old everything....and some that have taken the hard work and done it for this bench..I picked up for 20 bucks!!! I have it in my front porch...I made these super cute pillow..and the burlap one is blank on the other side so I flipped it for November...I know super smart I am:)

October VT handout...I just made some halloweeny bark and put a cute tag on:)

Yes I love burlap these days can you tell?..this was a canvas I got at the DI for 50 cents...I covered it with burlap, made the flower and uses a fluer de les it!
Also got this crate at Merchant Square....added the tin piece they had there and stenciled the number, added the balls:)
I have soo much more to post on my fun things but next time:)

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