Friday, February 26, 2010

{FuN ThInGs for Gunnar...!}

I of course HAD to do these for him because they are sooo cute....I am lovin the guitar pattern that I got from {}....she has some cute things on there....except I didn't use the little squares and circle, but thought the ricrak was just as cute...

This burprag I just traced from some that I had gotten at a boutique for Bella....after you wash it a couple times the edges become more frayed and it looks sooo cute....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

{LoVe it when I get stuff DONE..!!} really the ONLY reason I am posting a couple of times today is because our satellite tv is I can't watch my Dr.Phil and Oprah while Bells is sleeping! I finally made myself get some motivation {in my sweats, no makeup, hair in a hairtye, house a mess..}to finish Gunnar's carseat tent and a blanket. Can you tell what his nursery colors will be? It has been sooo easy for me to figure them out, because brown, creme, lime green and light blue are SO in everywhere...Walmart, Target....I mean seriously, with Bella I wanted Red and Black Damask and no one had that out of course they do....!lol!!

Call me a sucker for this is the car seat cover that I ordered from, it was a little expensive, (Ray said.."Gosh you could have bought a brand new carseat, playpen and stroller put together for that price..!! MEN they don't get and asked them to not put the bow on it so it would look less girly (the boys were happy about!) I think it is soooo adorable and can't wait to get it and put it on....
This is the car seat tent I made......very cute I think!! AND {Im bragging} with no tutorial, just kinda figured it out on my own..crazy! I prob. would have made 1 or 2 adjustments if I were to make another one.......

And this is a blanket I made......I didn't put ruffles on it, again to make it{ less girly }..(and the boys
If you haven't heard yet or been by, my fav. scrapbook store..(Scrapbooks Etc.) has Michael Miller fabrics NOW in the excited about that and went crazy buying material...!!

{Sharin' some LoVe...!}

For all you nursing mommas...found this and thought it was a great is free right??
I wish they had more boyish patterns but this is the one I got..EnJoY!!!

Go to and enter promo code "onefree" it will bring the price of $32 to $0!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cambrie's Baptism invitations...!

I really think these turned out cute....actually had a different idea, but these were easier and I don't have alot of motivation these days....Cambrie helped me and so did Sabrina...have to love that!!! She is sooo excited for her upcoming big day!! We also on Saturday got her baptism dress...she loves it!! Now we just have to figure out the program!

I just LOVE my hubby...!

Ray surprised me this year with reservations to The Melting Pot!! We have never been there but have heard great things about the place, also heard it was expensive...AND IT IS!! It was hard to swallow when I saw the bill..(Ray was using the mens room...)I know naughty me! But it was very sweet and romantic and we just talked and had lots of fun. He always makes me laugh and our waiter was super funny too!! We were going to see Dear John but it was really late and we were stuffed so we went home and hung out with kids and watched Pearl Harbor...for like the 10th! Thanks babe for a GREAT night you so very much!!

They take your picture before..that was neat!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

{HaPpY BiRtHdAy CaMbRiE..!}

Today, eight years ago I gave birth to this lil' angel...just love her and her fun personality! She is truly a joy to our family and it wouldn't be complete without her sweet smile and totally cute freckled face..! We love you Cams....have a great birthday!!

It's sooo fun to go through all my pics even though there are a ton of ones that I need to scan to my computer files..ugg..!

Friday, February 12, 2010

{TeAcHeR VaLeNtInE's gift...}

These marshmallow crispies dipped into candy chocolate and sprinkles are a cinch to put together and take no time at all to do...really. I got the cute containers at Michaels and just wrapped them up pretty.....they look cute! The kids were excited to give them to thier teachers!

{February VT HaNdOuT..!}

So here is what I put together this month......same {LoVe NoTeS tradition} kit but added a marshmallow crispy too, the message and a recipe~! The ladies enjoyed these..! I am glad!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

{Felt BiRtHdAy Crown...!} for Cambrie

Saw this in my files and have always wanted to make one.....Cambrie's 8th birthday is coming up and wanted her to have a fun hat to wear at school on her special day...I'll take pics when she wears is really cute! Can you believe it's all made out of felt....and really no sewing required except I did sew around the circle to make it a little cuter.... It's fun to see her excited about getting baptized soon....I am still looking for her dress, got her scriptures and I know what I am doing for props.....can't wait!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

{{LoVe NoTeS Family Tradition....!}}

This we did for YW beehive class act. and thought it was really cute for the girls to be excited to share this fun tradition with their families! I originally saw this idea over at she even has the downloads if you didn't want to do your own labels.

I just tweaked mine a tad. Our family has enjoyed this new's fun to see the little notes everywhere! I plan on doing this for my VT too...with the message inside....FuN!!