Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it Fall Already...?!!

I am not sad or anything don't get me wrong.....was at the park today with some friends and thier kids and it was actually really nice and breezy...I love the Fall weather, and the crockpot soups, CANNING, baking bread and my beloved Gold Canyon Candles that I burn daily throughout!

I will be getting my Halloween and Fall stuff up this week and next week...there are some really cute things out there that I want to do this year....I already have Bells costume in mind...sooo cute! I have had alot of emails on my past Halloween and Fall posts..that I decided to look at them and can I just say..I AM CRAZY!!! Seriously some MAD lady with all her decorating and bling...but hey it's fun and I can't promise you this year will be the don't hold me to it!!lol!! Don't forget I am preggers now so cut me some slack..ladies..PLEASE!!
Anyhoo... I did these cute FALL blocks the other day and glittered and blinged this FAMILY sign out.....
I am a little slow because the other day (Saturday) a friend and I did some canning again and I seriously burned my hand...2nd degree hurts I can't even tell you the pain I am feeling....ugg! We decided to can at least once a will be Chili...yum!


Audrey said...

It was fun to spend some time with you at the park. I would love to do a craft with you this fall. Would you invite me? Seriously. Really.

Letti said...

I am so ready for fall. Its been in the hundreds here plus all the fires we are having. I am ready for football, soups, pumpkin patches, wearing sweatshirts, and cooler weather.

Your kitchen is beautiful I love red!

PS How are you feeling?

Shady Creek Lane said...

I just found your blog and can I just say how adorable your family is.
I would sign up to be a follower but for some reason it is blank on all blogs. I am putting you into my favorites so I can check back often.
Good luck with your burned hand. I was recently canning with my oldest daughter and poured boiling water over my hand. She had some sort of burn medicine from emergency essentials that stopped the pain and I never did get any blisters.
By the way, I am LDS too. It's always nice to come across members and see that we have something in common.

Hugs to ya,

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

do you cricut cut your vinyl? ive got that expression machine, scared to death to screw it up, but wanna try some vinyl stufffff-y. wish we could jam w/ the crafts yo :)
and the fabric flowers, seriously on the same page with you there, made some at jax's soccer game to match k's outfit for the fall... you are so awesome to do all if this, i was so unmotivated being preggs, blamein those blasted hormones lol :) but you're the CHAMP, girl!! xo

Momof3 said...

Wow. I don't believe I was that ambitious when I was pregnant. I too love canning. I didn't like it when I was younger and wasn't going to do any when I grew up. But DH did some and wasn't able to finish so I finished for him and now I love it. Love canning new things. Gotta get a pressure canner so I can do things like chili. Have fun and good luck.

Amy said...

Yeah...FALL! All the fall seasonals are a pain to put up, but you will be oh so glad you did it. Happy Decorating!