Tuesday, March 17, 2009

YW lesson handout on Self-Reliance...!

I was lucky enough to be able to teach the Beehive girls this past Sunday while my advisor was out of town! I of course thought I needed to have a cutesy handout for them as usual, really because we have had volleyball the last month and haven't done anything for awhile! The cute poem above I got off the manual and it was on Self-Reliance. ... so appropriately all the Easter is out so I got these pails, laminated some zebra paper and taped them on...put some jelly beans and other candy in on top of the easter grass and then included the poem and an easter egg with a marshmallow chick inside...cute!!

The lesson was on how we have struggles in our life and at different times in our life and they are there not because Heavenly Father doesn't love us, but rather because he does and he knows that we will learn and grow from these struggles and also help us to mature the way he would like us to. Our parents are there to guide us, to give us limits on the things "as teens" want to do, not because they hate us but because they know that they just are not mature enough. The girls understood, and I had Sabrina come in not only for support but because I know she needed this lesson. She often thinks she is 16 and can wear makeup, hang out at the mall and go do what she wants......sorry baby...you are just tooo young! The time will come for those things so just enjoy what you can do for the time being, and enjoy being a kid...because that time will NEVER come back!!!lol!

She said she understands why her dad and I have our boundaries....she is a sweetie!!!

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