Monday, March 23, 2009

Embellish By Design....update!

I am still taking and doing orders for my little business....and it is alot of fun! Zebra is definetly in and have done alot of these just in different colors....the monogrammed onesies and bibs are also popular. I did up these cute tags to attach to the item I make...CuTe!!

kindof a bad pic....sorry..

I did up my own business cards....I really like them...I will be adding a rhinestone somewhere though to give them that extra bling bling..!

Thanks to all who have ordered from me....and I am so glad that you are liking my style...!


Mandi said...

Great idea on the rhinestone. The cards look great and of course your style is flawless! Love the new bib!

Kristen said...

Your stuff is too you have a blog button? Great job!

Blessing to you and yours,
Kristen Self

Lindsey said...

I ran into your blog off of MEgan Meis'. You are so talented and creative. I love your stuff. I check out your blog often and get totally overwhelmed at how much you accomplish. Someday....haha. Cute family too.