Friday, March 27, 2009

March ViSiTiNg TeAcHiNg handout...!

I know I am extremely late on posting these.....but this week has flown way by for me!! I have alot to post so I will be posting more soon..!

So on to these cuties..! I save my cans like soup or vegetable or any container really till I have a stock so that I can use them to have fun with...and so these are some soup cans!

I included my two favorite quotes from this weeks message and a recipe...hence Gold Coins..heehee!Mint PaTtIeS seemed SOOO appropriate and hey it's chocolate..!Click on picture and you can keep this recipe for is really yummy...can ya tell I love MINT!!?lol
FYI: for those of you who have asked me to make and sell these...sorry but my life is just too busy as it is...but you are welcome to copy this idea if you would like, but please do not use my pictures for your final result! Thanks!!

Check out she DOES sell her kits and they are super cute! Please let her know you found out about her through me...thanks again ladies!!


Dj,Megs,Trey,Pace said...

Yes of course you can post pics. Any time also if you need to me babysit I would love to. I need some visitors every once in a while. :) And I might just have to have you come out to visit your sister so that you can help me decorate. That would be awesome!

Lacie E. said...

Great handout!How on earth do you find these ideas?