Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day...and a necklace!!

I have been soo super busy as we "moms" are....I almost forgot to post let alone remember how to post..ha ha this pic is of the girls that morning....Bella would not stay still, so Cambrie's cute hair is cut off.....she said that was ok!
And this was a necklace I made for Sabrina to wear...Cambrie didn't want to wear one, she says they get in the way of running at recess...go figure!

This day is always busy for me, on the 13th it is Cambrie's birthday but because it fell on a Friday....anyhow she ended up being really sick and missing out on her birthday fun at school. So on Saturday which is Valentine's Day I do the "Love Bug" and got these cute heart plates and filled them up with just fun valentinesy candy and was cute but no pic! We took cambrie out for her birthday dinner over at Jake's Place..not my favorite but hey the birthday girl gets what she wants..right! At school on Monday we celeberated her class with treats and the usual "Birthday Crown" the girls wear to school. Her birthday party is this Saturday and it is going to be a "Cooking" party. Should be fun...stay tuned because it will be really cute!

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Mandi said...

You have been busy, but the girls looked adorable as usual. They are growing up! Especially Bella.