Monday, February 23, 2009

New Beginnings Night...!

We just had our New Beginnings the other night and it turned out soo good! We decided to go with the theme "A Treasure in his Heart" that I had found off of since it was the month for Valentine's was perfect! We also showed a video that I had also found on Youtube with the song "Beautiful to Him". We had pictures of the girls and some quotes in there as was such a great video! I also made some other hearts with the values on them for 8 girls to explain each value with the scripture and then they put thier heart on the chalkboard..cute! Here is how we decorated for the theme:

Our YW president is great at food and displaying it ....almost too pretty to eat!!

Our Primary presidency made these blocks but had pics on each side and then the new theme for the year with a scripture...I really thought it was I decided to do something similar and came up with this....gotta of course add the glitter and tulle! Over at (the link is on my sidebar) they made some blocks, but the good thing is that you can download thier super cute that's what I used for the theme, with some cute scrap paper!

It was a fun night and I think we made it special for all the girls and especially for the "new" beehives! I forgot to mention that we had the moms spotlight thier daughters that were new into YW...and that was really neat to hear what the moms had to say!
I know I have said it before...but I am truly honored to be a part of such an amazing program and such wonderful beautiful girls....what an inspiration!


Sarah Stephens said...

I love your blog. You have such cute and creative ideas. I would love to use your hand out at new beginnings for one of our girls camp crafts. I couldn't find the download at craftychics.blogspot. Is there another site where it might be? (

Jamie said...

Hi I am Jamie, I thought I would introduce myself. I ran across your blog from Tip Junkie and am in awe at how awesome your ideas and cute craft ideas are! I bet the YW love those blocks and you as a leader. I hope to be like that one day!

Sarah Stephens said...

Still lov'n on your cute blocks. Is there any way I can pay you for the label (email it) that you have already made?

cyndi said...

I just found your blog and basically want to copy everything you have done! Seriously when do you have the time. I know I stay up late crafting but you go above and beyond. Where did you download the label? We are doing a talent night next month and it would be so cute to make these to give to the girls. I tried looking for the labels on the other blog and couldn't find them thanks