Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some FuN projects that includes SeWiNg...!

Seriously...I have been on this thing of sewing....I can't STOP....! Everything I see or comes to my mind it has to include sewing! I love to sew I guess and it's fun and something that I feel I get better and better every time I break out the machine...plus I have a gazillion fabric pieces to go along with my ribbon addiction as well...so fun!!
This is a black shirt I got at the dollar store to add these ruffly pieces too...it's a little different from before a little flatter, but I love it! and it is so cute on Bells! WHOOPS...losing my blogging technique..lol...sorry..
A fun pillow I made....ok one thing I do hate about my home is my BEDROOM....ugg I dread that thing....maybe because I am not to crazy for the furniture but can't affort a new set right now...and so I am trying to add as I go....ugg..but the pillow is FAB!!

of course a pic of me and my hunie..!

and bells......cute leg warmers I got from the lovely Holly Brimhall....and I made her cute headband wrap with lace....FUN!!


Letti said...

Your projects are too cute. I am glad to see you posting again. I always enjoy seeing your blog :)

Melanie said...

I love all your adorable projects. Your blog is always so inspriational. Isn't it true that you always end up with huge piles of fabric and ribbon and all you can do is wish for more time in your day to get to all the fun projects. I miss you girl! Love seeing your beautiful family!